Movement heals.

Movement has the power to reveal to us what we need for ourselves. 

Unwinding our bodies and the tension that we carry is our medicine.

Making friends with our bodies and listening to them empowers us to know

what we need for ourselves and how we want to grow as individuals. 

There is no one way. 

There is no one path.

The rhythm of our own bodies has incredible power to transform. 


Jade Wolf helps create a space for you to dive deep into what you need for yourself.

Raise your heart beat, raise your vibration. 

Deepen your breath, deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you. 

Treat yourself with compassion and be brave enough to connect with yourself and others. 

We will move.

We will sweat.

We will be brave and connect.

We will learn to listen to ourselves and all of our rhythms.

We will find stillness so that we can hear ourselves in this world and make our next move from a space of deep knowing and creativity.  Let's explore the infinite potential of breath, movement, meditation and our own unique creative expression to heal ourselves and connect to our communities. To breathe deep and know your own power is to be a brilliant rebel. 


Jade Wolf is a life long dancer.  She is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Yoga for Youth teacher.  She has her degree in Psychology and Creative writing from Antioch University and is passionate about sharing the freedom and health she has found through dance, meditation, writing, and making art.

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